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-*- text -*-
The slang library is available for OS/2, MSDOS, and WIN32 (windows
9x/NT) systems. This _includes_ the various GNU environments such as
DJGPP, and MINGW32/64. For CYGWIN, follow the UNIX instructions.
Each of the src, modules, and slsh directories contains a mkfiles
subdirectory that can be used to create Makefiles for non-CYGWIN
builds. The simplest approach to building the distribution is to
invoke the build scripts located in the top-level mkfiles directory.
For example, from a CMD window, a mingw32 version may be built and
installed using a simple 3-step process:
1. C:\path\to\slang> mkfiles\m32init.bat
2. C:\path\to\slang> mingw32-make
3. C:\path\to\slang> mingw32-make install
The first step will generate makefiles for mingw32/mingw64. Note that
mingw32-make is used for both 32 and 64 bit builds. In particular,
this step will create a top-level makefile that contains the locations
where the library and its components will get installed. Before, going
on to step 2, it is a good idea to look at the makefile and edit it if
The second step will build the library, slsh, and the modules. If
something goes wrong here, fix it before going to step 3.
The final step installs the library and its components. The actual
work is carried out by slsh, which was created in step 2. Please
note, if you make an changes the installation paths in the makefile
after completing step 2, then you will need to rebuild it. That is,
run `mingw32-make clean', then go to step 2.
Finally you will need to make sure that the $PREFIX/bin directory is
in your PATH. Assuming that this has been done, you should be able
to run `slsh' at the CMD prompt.
More information on the makefile generation process is available
in src/mkfiles/README.