Jeff Squyres 6800ef9ec0 m4: rename OMPI_SUMMARY_* macros to OPAL_SUMMARY_*
These macros should really be named OPAL_SUMMARY_*; they're used in
all projects, and therefore should be in the lowest later project (OPAL).

Signed-off-by: Jeff Squyres <jsquyres@cisco.com>
2016-04-20 08:40:00 -07:00

166 lines
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dnl -*- shell-script -*-
dnl Copyright (c) 2004-2010 The Trustees of Indiana University and Indiana
dnl University Research and Technology
dnl Corporation. All rights reserved.
dnl Copyright (c) 2004-2005 The University of Tennessee and The University
dnl of Tennessee Research Foundation. All rights
dnl reserved.
dnl Copyright (c) 2004-2005 High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart,
dnl University of Stuttgart. All rights reserved.
dnl Copyright (c) 2004-2005 The Regents of the University of California.
dnl All rights reserved.
dnl Copyright (c) 2006-2016 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
dnl Copyright (c) 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
dnl Copyright (c) 2009 IBM Corporation. All rights reserved.
dnl Copyright (c) 2009 Los Alamos National Security, LLC. All rights
dnl reserved.
dnl Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Oak Ridge National Labs. All rights reserved.
dnl Copyright (c) 2011-2015 NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved.
dnl Copyright (c) 2015 Research Organization for Information Science
dnl and Technology (RIST). All rights reserved.
dnl Additional copyrights may follow
dnl $HEADER$
# Check to see if user wants CUDA support
[Build cuda support, optionally adding DIR/include])])
AC_MSG_CHECKING([if --with-cuda is set])
# Note that CUDA support is off by default. To turn it on, the user has to
# request it. The user can just ask for --with-cuda and it that case we
# look for the cuda.h file in /usr/local/cuda. Otherwise, they can give
# us a directory. If they provide a directory, we will look in that directory
# as well as the directory with the "include" string appended to it. The fact
# that we check in two directories precludes us from using the OMPI_CHECK_DIR
# macro as that would error out after not finding it in the first directory.
# Note that anywhere CUDA aware code is in the Open MPI repository requires
# us to make use of AC_REQUIRE to ensure this check has been done.
AS_IF([test "$with_cuda" = "no" || test "x$with_cuda" = "x"],
AC_MSG_RESULT([not set (--with-cuda=$with_cuda)])],
[AS_IF([test "$with_cuda" = "yes"],
[AS_IF([test "x`ls /usr/local/cuda/include/cuda.h 2> /dev/null`" = "x"],
[AC_MSG_RESULT([not found in standard location])
AC_MSG_WARN([Expected file /usr/local/cuda/include/cuda.h not found])
AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot continue])],
[AS_IF([test ! -d "$with_cuda"],
[AC_MSG_RESULT([not found])
AC_MSG_WARN([Directory $with_cuda not found])
AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot continue])],
[AS_IF([test "x`ls $with_cuda/include/cuda.h 2> /dev/null`" = "x"],
[AS_IF([test "x`ls $with_cuda/cuda.h 2> /dev/null`" = "x"],
[AC_MSG_RESULT([not found])
AC_MSG_WARN([Could not find cuda.h in $with_cuda/include or $with_cuda])
AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot continue])],
AC_MSG_RESULT([found ($with_cuda/cuda.h)])])],
AC_MSG_RESULT([found ($opal_cuda_incdir/cuda.h)])])])])])
dnl We cannot have CUDA support without dlopen support. HOWEVER, at
dnl this point in configure, we can't know whether the DL framework
dnl has been configured or not yet (it likely hasn't, since CUDA is a
dnl common framework, and likely configured first). So we have to
dnl defer this check until later (see the OPAL_CHECK_CUDA_AFTER_OPAL_DL m4
dnl macro, below). :-(
# We require CUDA IPC support which started in CUDA 4.1. Error
# out if the support is not there.
AS_IF([test "$opal_check_cuda_happy" = "yes"],
[AC_CHECK_MEMBER([struct CUipcMemHandle_st.reserved],
[AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot continue because CUDA 4.1 or later is required])],
[#include <$opal_cuda_incdir/cuda.h>])],
# If we have CUDA support, check to see if we have support for SYNC_MEMOPS
# which was first introduced in CUDA 6.0.
AS_IF([test "$opal_check_cuda_happy"="yes"],
[#include <$opal_cuda_incdir/cuda.h>]),
# If we have CUDA support, check to see if we have CUDA 6.0 or later.
[AC_LANG_PROGRAM([[#include <$opal_cuda_incdir/cuda.h>]],
#if CUDA_VERSION < 6000
#error "CUDA_VERSION is less than 6000"
# If we have CUDA support, check to see if we have support for cuPointerGetAttributes
# which was first introduced in CUDA 7.0.
AS_IF([test "$opal_check_cuda_happy"="yes"],
[#include <$opal_cuda_incdir/cuda.h>]),
AC_MSG_CHECKING([if have cuda support])
if test "$opal_check_cuda_happy" = "yes"; then
AC_MSG_RESULT([yes (-I$opal_cuda_incdir)])
OPAL_SUMMARY_ADD([[Miscellaneous]],[[CUDA support]],[opal_cuda], [$opal_check_cuda_happy])
AM_CONDITIONAL([OPAL_cuda_support], [test "x$CUDA_SUPPORT" = "x1"])
[Whether we want cuda device pointer support])
AM_CONDITIONAL([OPAL_cuda_sync_memops], [test "x$CUDA_SYNC_MEMOPS" = "x1"])
[Whether we have CUDA CU_POINTER_ATTRIBUTE_SYNC_MEMOPS support available])
AM_CONDITIONAL([OPAL_cuda_get_attributes], [test "x$CUDA_GET_ATTRIBUTES" = "x1"])
[Whether we have CUDA cuPointerGetAttributes function available])
# There is nothing specific we can check for to see if GPU Direct RDMA is available.
# Therefore, we check to see whether we have CUDA 6.0 or later.
AM_CONDITIONAL([OPAL_cuda_gdr_support], [test "x$CUDA_VERSION_60_OR_GREATER" = "x1"])
[Whether we have CUDA GDR support available])
dnl CUDA support requires DL support (it dynamically opens the CUDA
dnl library at run time). But we do not check for OPAL DL support
dnl until lafter the initial OPAL_CHECK_CUDA is called. So put the
dnl CUDA+DL check in a separate macro that can be called after the DL MCA
dnl framework checks in the top-level configure.ac.
# We cannot have CUDA support without OPAL DL support. Error out
# if the user wants CUDA but we do not have OPAL DL support.
AS_IF([test $OPAL_HAVE_DL_SUPPORT -eq 0 && \
test "$opal_check_cuda_happy" = "yes"],
[AC_MSG_WARN([--with-cuda was specified, but dlopen support is disabled.])
AC_MSG_WARN([You must reconfigure Open MPI with dlopen ("dl") support.])
AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot continue.])])