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# This file exists to help consolidate names and email addresses
# (e.g., when people accidentally commit with an incorrect or local
# email address). Two common use cases:
# 1. Consolidate multiple email addresses from a single person.
# Example: one commit from John Smith is from
# <john.smith@his.work.com> and another is from
# <jsmith@workstation.his.work.com>, and a third is from
# <rocketman9982@users.noreply.github.com>. But they're all from
# the same John Smith person.
# 2. Consolidate misspellings / altername names from a single person.
# Example: one commit is from "John Smith" and another is from
# "John Smith, CONTRACTOR", and third is from "RocketMan 9982". But
# these are all really the same person, who can be listed once in
# AUTHORS as "John Smith".
# The format of this file is documented in git-shortlog(1). Specifically,
# a line like this:
# Proper Name <proper@email.xx> <commit@email.xx>
# means that when git sees "commit@email.xx" it will display
# "Proper Name <proper@email.xx>" instead in certain circumstances. Those
# circumstances include:
# - git shortlog
# - git blame
# - git log --format=tformat:"%aN <%aE>" (and similar)
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