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Nathan Hjelm
89da9651bb ompi: disable functions removed from MPI-3.0 by default
This commit adds a new configure option: --enable-mpi1-compat. Without
this option we will no longer provide APIs, typedefs, and defines that
were removed from the standard in MPI-3.0. This option will exist for
one major release (Open MPI v4.x.x) and then the option and associated
code will be removed in Open MPI v5.x.x. Open MPI has already
internally prepared for this change. Please prepare your codes

Signed-off-by: Nathan Hjelm <hjelmn@lanl.gov>
2018-05-31 09:44:19 -06:00
Jeff Squyres
ff31da6f74 opal_check_attributes: fix __extension__ test
use __extension__ in a C statement that will actually verify if the
compiler supports it or not.

Signed-off-by: Jeff Squyres <jsquyres@cisco.com>
2018-01-23 13:44:43 -08:00
Ralph Castain
db8ebd33ad Fix the optnone attribute, add extension attribute
See how the various compilers handle these

Signed-off-by: Ralph Castain <rhc@open-mpi.org>
2017-12-18 19:18:53 -08:00
Ralph Castain
5c4185abd8 Add the __optnone__ attribute to help avoid optimizing out MPIR_Breakpoint
Thanks to @kiranchandramohan for the suggestion

Signed-off-by: Ralph Castain <rhc@open-mpi.org>
2017-12-14 13:14:21 -08:00
Ralph Castain
869041f770 Purge whitespace from the repo 2015-06-23 20:59:57 -07:00
Gilles Gouaillardet
b4c333fe9b config/opal_*: portability fixes
convert "test ... -o" to "test ... ||"
convert "test ... -a" to "test ... &&"
2015-02-03 15:19:22 +09:00
Ralph Castain
3fd7cee70c Per RFC, continue cleanup with minor change to one file
This commit was SVN r31655.
2014-05-06 18:30:55 +00:00
Ralph Castain
390d29733f Per RFC, continue renaming of build tools:
ompi_c_vendor  ->  opal_c_vendor
ompi_cv_c_compiler_vendor  ->  opal_cv_c_compiler_vendor

This commit was SVN r31646.
2014-05-06 15:01:34 +00:00
Dave Goodell
620f40b6c7 fix compile error introduced by r29488
Apologies for the breakage, I did my test build in the wrong window...

No reviewer.


This commit was SVN r29492.

The following SVN revision numbers were found above:
  r29488 --> open-mpi/ompi@25dd719d4d

The following Trac tickets were found above:
  Ticket 3865 --> https://svn.open-mpi.org/trac/ompi/ticket/3865
2013-10-23 16:36:52 +00:00
Dave Goodell
25dd719d4d opal: support __attribute__((__noinline__))
First cut does not attempt any "cross-check".  As we discover compilers
which complain about __noinline__, we will add specific cross checks to
handle those cases.

Reviewed-by: Jeff Squyres <jsquyres@cisco.com>

This commit was SVN r29488.
2013-10-23 15:52:05 +00:00
Joshua Ladd
b3f88c4a1d Per the RFC schedule, this commit adds Mellanox OpenSHMEM to the trunk. It does not yet run on OSX or with CM PML for an MTL other than MXM. Mellanox is aware of these issues and is in the process of resolving them. This should be added to \ncmr=v1.7.4:subject=Move OSHMEM to 1.7.4:reviewer=rhc
This commit was SVN r29153.
2013-09-10 15:34:09 +00:00
Joshua Ladd
70ad711337 Backing out the Open SHMEM project
This commit was SVN r28050.
2013-02-12 17:45:27 +00:00
Mike Dubman
ff384daab4 Added new project: oshmem.
This commit was SVN r28048.
2013-02-12 15:33:21 +00:00
Jeff Squyres
b29b852281 Consolidate all the opal/orte/ompi .m4 files back to the top-level
config/ directory.  We split them apart a while ago in the hopes that
it would simplify things, but it didn't really (e.g., because there
were still some ompi/opal .m4 files in the top-level config/
directory, resulting in developer confusion where any given m4 macro
was defined).

So this commit consolidates them back into the top-level directory for

There's still (at least) two changes that would be nice to make:

 1. Split any generated .m4 file (e.g., autogen-generated .m4 files)
    into a separate directory somewhere so that a top-level -Iconfig/
    will only get our explicitly defined macros, not the autogen stuff
    (e.g., with libevent2019 needing to get the visibility macro, but
    NOT all the autogen-generated inclusion of component configure.m4
 1. Change configure to be of the form:
# ...a small amount of preamble/setup...
m4_ifdef([project_orte], [ORTE_SETUP])
m4_ifdef([project_ompi], [OMPI_SETUP])
# ...a small amount of finishing stuff...

I doubt we'll ever get anything as clean as that, but that would be
the goal to shoot for.

This commit was SVN r27704.
2012-12-19 00:00:36 +00:00
Ralph Castain
13d86e100b Courtesy of Ralph and Jeff:
Continue the reorganization of the configure system. Move files from the main config directory to their appropriate level-specific config directories. Modify the configure system to correctly handle compiler detection, test, and setup so that all things pertaining to opal and orte are done at the lower level, with the ompi configure system only looking at mpi-specific options.

Ensure the wrapper compilers for orte and ompi only get built when appropriate. Add support for c++ to the orte wrapper compilers, both script and non-script versions.

This commit was SVN r22138.
2009-10-24 01:04:35 +00:00
Ralph Castain
214e26b539 Per Jeff (this work was done on a branch of mine, so I will do the commit):
Re-enable "./autogen.sh -no-ompi" again. If you -no-ompi, the entire OMPI
configury is skipped and the entire ompi/ subtree is not built. There's
some simple m4-isms that prune out the relevant parts.

I added ompi/config/, orte/config/, and opal/config/ directories. I moved a
bunch of m4 files from the top-level config/ dir into ompi/config/, and a few
into orte/config/.

Note that all 3 <project>/config directories have a config_files.m4 file. This
file contains the AC_CONFIG_FILES list for that project. The AC_CONFIG_FILES
call cannot be in an AC_DEFUN macro and conditionally called -- if it is
included at all, Autoconf will process it. Hence, these config_files.m4 files
don't AC_DEFUN -- they just have AC_CONFIG_FILES. m4_ifdef() is used to
conditionally include the files or not.

I moved a bunch of obvious OMPI-only m4 files from config/ to ompi/config/,
but I'm sure that there's more that could go. A ticket will be filed with
thoughts on future work in this area.

This commit was SVN r22113.
2009-10-20 23:44:20 +00:00
Rainer Keller
916eb1fb1e - As proposed in RFC and telcon, warn the user about deprecated
functionality (per MPI-2.1). This warning can be toggled using
   --enable-mpi-interface-warning (default OFF), but can be
   selectively turned on passing

   Using icc, gcc < 4.5, warnings (such as in mpi2basic_tests) show:
     type_vector.c:83: warning: ‘MPI_Type_hvector’ is deprecated
     (declared at /home/../usr/include/mpi.h:1379)

   Using gcc-4.5 (gcc-svn) these show up as:
     type_vector.c:83: warning: ‘MPI_Type_hvector’ is deprecated
     (declared at /home/../usr/include/mpi.h:1379):
     MPI_Type_hvector is superseded by MPI_Type_create_hvector in MPI-2.0

   Jeff and I propose to turn such warnings on with Open MPI-1.7 by default.

 - Detection of user-level compiler is handled using the preprocessor
   checks of GASnet's other/portable_platform.h (thanks to Paul Hargrove
   and Dan Bonachea) adapted into ompi/include/mpi_portable_platform.h
   (see comments).

   The OMPI-build time detection is output (Familyname and Version)
   with ompi_info.

   This functionality (actually any upcoming __attribute__) are turned
   off, if a different compiler (and version) is being detected.

 - Note, that any warnings regarding (user-compiler!=build-compiler)
   as discussed in the RFC are _not_ included for now.

 - Tested on Linux with --enable-mpi-interface-warning on
   Linux, gcc-4.5 (deprecated w/ specific msg)
   Linux, gcc-4.3 (deprecated w/o specific msg)
   Linux, pathscale 3.1 (deprecated w/o specific msg)
   Linux, icc-11.0 (deprecated w/o specific msg)

   Linux, PGI-8.0.6 accepts __deprecated__ but does not issue a warning,
   further investigation needed...

This commit was SVN r21262.
2009-05-22 04:39:43 +00:00
Rainer Keller
5c80033aa2 - Eliminate icc warning w/ regard to __attribute__((__format__)) on
function pointers... Needed checking in opal_check_attributes.m4

This commit was SVN r21254.
2009-05-20 00:39:22 +00:00
Greg Koenig
e4e064542f This change goes along with r21180 to move files into
the correct names.

This commit was SVN r21181.

The following SVN revision numbers were found above:
  r21180 --> open-mpi/ompi@60485ff95f
2009-05-06 20:15:34 +00:00