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1.18.1 - 2023-02-12
- Fix build on non-Linux platforms
1.18 - 2022-12-06
- Fix 'dark-bg' color scheme to actually have a dark background
- Backport configuration file support from 2.x
- Backport many new CLI options from 2.x
- Negation of existing flags: --no-si, --no-confirm-quit, --no-follow-symlinks, --include-caches, --include-kernfs
- --[no-]extended in addition to -e
- --one-file-system and --cross-file-system in addition to -x
- --slow-ui-updates, --fast-ui-updates in addition to -q
- Column visibility options: --(show|hide)-(hidden|itemcount|mtime|graph|percent)
- Sorting: --sort, --[no-]group-directories-first
- Feature selection: --(enable|disable)-(shell|delete|refresh)
- Deletion confirmation: --[no-]confirm-delete
- Hidden file visibility: --show-hidden, --hide-hidden
- Size display: --apparent-size, --disk-usage
1.17 - 2022-04-28
- Add 'dark-bg' color scheme and use that by default
- Use natural sort order when sorting by file name
- Improve compatibility with C89 environments
- Fix wrong assumption about errno not being set by realloc()
1.16 - 2021-07-02
- Increase width of size bar depending on terminal size (Christian Göttsche)
- Set/increment $NCDU_LEVEL variable when spawning a shell
- Indicate whether apparent size or disk usage is being displayed
- Display setuid, setgid and sticky bits in file flags in extended mode
- Fix error handling while reading --exclude-from file
- Improve JSON import to allow for several future extensions to the format
- Export link count in JSON dumps
- Don't export inode in JSON dumps for non-hardlinks
1.15.1 - 2020-06-10
- (Linux) Fix build on older Linux systems (Christian Göttsche)
- (MacOS) Revert "Exclude firmlinks by default" behavior (until we have a better solution)
- (MacOS) Add --exclude-firmlinks option to opt-in to the above behavior
1.15 - 2020-05-30
- (Linux) Add --exclude-kernfs option to exclude pseudo filesystems (Christian Göttsche)
- (MacOS) Exclude firmlinks by default (Saagar Jha)
- (MacOS) Add --follow-firmlinks option to follow firmlinks (Saagar Jha)
- Fix bug in calculating the apparent size of directories containing hardlinks
- Fix integer overflow with directories containing >2GiB worth of file names
- Fix yet another possible 100% CPU bug when losing terminal
1.14.2 - 2020-02-10
- Fix compilation with GCC 10 (-fno-common)
- Fix minor display issue when scanning 10M+ files
- Slightly reduce memory usage for hard link detection
1.14.1 - 2019-08-05
- Fix occasional early exit on OS X
- Fix --exclude-caches
- Improve handling of out-of-memory situations
1.14 - 2019-02-04
- Add mtime display and sorting (Alex Wilson)
- Add (limited) --follow-symlinks option (Simon Doppler)
- Display larger file counts in browser UI
- Add -V, --version, and --help alias flags
- Fix crash when attempting to sort an empty directory
- Fix 100% CPU bug when ncdu loses the terminal
- Fix '--color=off' flag
- Fix some typos
1.13 - 2018-01-29
- Add "extended information" mode and -e flag
- Add file mode, modification time and uid/gid to info window with -e
- Add experimental color support and --color flag
- Add -rr option to disable shell spawning
- Remove directory nesting limit on file import
- Fix handling of interrupts during file import
- Fix undefined behavior that triggered crash on OS X
1.12 - 2016-08-24
- Add NCDU_SHELL environment variable
- Add --confirm-quit flag
- Fix compilation due to missing sys/wait.h include
1.11 - 2015-04-05
- Added 'b' key to spawn shell in the current directory
- Support scanning (and refreshing) of empty directories
- Added --si flag for base 10 prefixes
- Fix toggle dirs before files
1.10 - 2013-05-09
- Added 'c' key to display item counts
- Added 'C' key to order by item counts
- Added CACHEDIR.TAG support and --exclude-caches option
- Use locale-dependent thousand separator
- Use pkg-config to detect ncurses
- Clip file/dir sizes to 8 EiB minus one byte
- Fix buffer overflow when formatting huge file sizes
1.9 - 2012-09-27
- Added option to dump scanned directory information to a file (-o)
- Added option to load scanned directory information from a file (-f)
- Added multiple scan and load interfaces (-0,-1,-2)
- Fit loading and error windows to the terminal width (#13)
- Fix symlink resolving bug (#18)
- Fix path display when scanning an empty directory (#15)
- Fix hang when terminal is resized to a too small size while loading
- Use top-level automake build
- Remove useless AUTHORS, INSTALL and NEWS files
- ncdu.1 now uses POD as source format
1.8 - 2011-11-03
- Use hash table to speed up hard link detection
- Added read-only option (-r)
- Use KiB instead of kiB (#3399279)
1.7 - 2010-08-13
- List the detected hard links in file info window
- Count the size of a hard linked file once for each directory it appears in
- Fixed crash on browsing dirs with a small window size (#2991787)
- Fixed buffer overflow when some directories can't be scanned (#2981704)
- Fixed segfault when launched on a nonexistent directory (#3012787)
- Fixed segfault when root dir only contains hidden files
- Improved browsing performance
- More intuitive multi-page browsing
- Display size graph by default
- Various minor fixes
1.6 - 2009-10-23
- Implemented hard link detection
- Properly select the next item after deletion
- Removed reliance of dirfd()
- Fixed non-void return in void delete_process()
- Fixed several tiny memory leaks
- Return to previously opened directory on failed recalculation
- Properly display MiB units instead of MB (IEEE 1541 - bug #2831412)
- Link to ncursesw when available
- Improved support for non-ASCII characters
- VIM keybindings for browsing through the tree (#2788249, #1880622)
1.5 - 2009-05-02
- Fixed incorrect apparent size on directory refresh
- Browsing keys now work while file info window is displayed
- Current directory is assumed when no directory is specified
- Size graph uses the apparent size if that is displayed
- Items are ordered by displayed size rather than disk usage
- Removed switching between powers of 1000/1024
- Don't rely on the availability of suseconds_t
- Correctly handle paths longer than PATH_MAX
- Fixed various bugs related to rpath()
- Major code rewrite
- Fixed line width when displaying 100%
1.4 - 2008-09-10
- Removed the startup window
- Filenames ending with a tidle (~) will now also
be hidden with the 'h'-key
- Fixed buffer overflow when supplying a path longer
than PATH_MAX (patch by Tobias Stoeckmann)
- Used S_BLKSIZE instead of a hardcoded block size of 512
- Fixed display of disk usage and apparent sizes
- Updated ncdu -h
- Included patches for Cygwin
- Cursor now follows the selected item
- Added spaces around path (debian #472194)
- Fixed segfault on empty directory (debian #472294)
- A few code rewrites and improvements
1.3 - 2007-08-05
- Added 'r'-key to refresh the current directory
- Removed option to calculate apparent size: both
the disk usage and the apparent size are calculated.
- Added 'a'-key to switch between showing apparent
size and disk usage.
- Added 'i'-key to display information about the
selected item.
- Small performance improvements
- configure checks for ncurses.h (bug #1764304)
1.2 - 2007-07-24
- Fixed some bugs on cygwin
- Added du-like exclude patterns
- Fixed bug #1758403: large directories work fine now
- Rewrote a large part of the code
- Fixed a bug with wide characters
- Performance improvements when browsing large dirs
1.1 - 2007-04-30
- Deleting files and directories is now possible from
within ncdu.
- The key for sorting directories between files has
changed to 't' instead of 'd'. The 'd'-key is now
used for deleting files.
1.0 - 2007-04-06
- First stable release
- Small code cleanup
- Added a key to toggle between sorting dirs before
files and dirs between files
- Added graphs and percentages to the directory
browser (can be enabled or disabled with the 'g'-key)
0.3 - 2007-03-04
- When browsing back to the previous directory, the
directory you're getting back from will be selected.
- Added directory scanning in quiet mode to save
bandwidth on remote connections.
0.2 - 2007-02-26
- Fixed POSIX compliance: replaced realpath() with my
own implementation, and gettimeofday() is not
required anymore (but highly recommended)
- Added a warning for terminals smaller than 60x16
- Mountpoints (or any other directory pointing to
another filesystem) are now considered to be
directories rather than files.
0.1 - 2007-02-21
- Initial version