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This file lists people who have made significant contributions to the
nano editor. Please see the ChangeLog for specific changes by author.
Chris Allegretta <chrisa@asty.org>
* Original program author and long-time maintainer.
Benno Schulenberg <bensberg@telfort.nl>
* An array of small bug fixes, the cut-word and block-jump
routines, text selection by holding Shift, macro recording
and replay, plus some key bindings. Current maintainer.
David Lawrence Ramsey <pooka109@gmail.com>
* Former stable series maintainer. Multiple buffer support,
operating dir (-o) option, bug fixes for display routines,
wrapping code, spelling fixes, constantshow mode, parts of
UTF-8 support, softwrap overhaul, undoable (un)indentations,
undoable justifications, justifiable regions, and numerous
other fixes.
Jordi Mallach <jordi@gnu.org>
* Debian package maintainer, fellow bug squasher.
* Internationalization support head, ca.po maintainer.
Adam Rogoyski <rogoyski@cs.utexas.edu>
* New write_file() function, read_file() optimization, mouse
support, resize support, nohelp (-x) option, justify function,
follow symlink option and bugfixes, and much more.
Robert Siemborski <rjs3@andrew.cmu.edu>
* Miscellaneous cut, display, replace, and other bug fixes,
original and new "magic line" code, read_line() function,
new edit display routines.
Rocco Corsi <rocco.corsi@sympatico.ca>
* Internal spelling code, many optimizations and bug fixes for
findnextstr() and search-related functions, various display
and file handling fixes.
David Benbennick <dbenbenn@math.cornell.edu>
* Wrap and justify bugfixes/enhancements, new color syntax
code, memleak fixes, parts of the UTF-8 support, and other
miscellaneous fixes.
Mike Frysinger <vapier@gentoo.org>
* Gentoo package maintainer. Whitespace display mode,
--enable-utf8/--disable-utf8 configure options for ncurses,
many new color regexes and improvements to existing color
regexes in syntax/*.nanorc, the move from svn to git, the
conversion to gnulib, and miscellaneous bug fixes.
Mark Majeres <mark@engine12.com>
* A functional undo/redo system, and coloring nano's interface.
Mahyar Abbaspour <mahyar.abaspour@gmail.com>
* Improved handling of SIGWINCH.
Mike Scalora <mike@scalora.org>
* The comment/uncomment feature.
Faissal Bensefia <faissaloo@gmail.com>
* Line numbers.
Sumedh Pendurkar <sumedh.pendurkar@gmail.com>
* The word-completion feature.
Rishabh Dave <rishabhddave@gmail.com>
* Searchable help.
Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita <marcodiegomesquita@gmail.com>
* Filtering text through an external command.
* Placing anchors (bookmarks) and jumping to them.
Brand Huntsman <alpha@qzx.com>
* The delayed parsing of syntax files.