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nano upgrading information
Improvements in nano
Noteworthy changes since 2.2
- The ability to comment/uncomment lines with a single keystroke (M-3).
- The ability to refresh the file list in the browser (^L).
- The ability to abort re-searches (^C after an M-W).
- Better feedback at startup when opening large or multiple files.
- The option 'justifytrim' for snipping whitespace from justified lines.
- The ability to discard a buffer (^O ^Q) when --tempfile is used.
- Replacing things in a marked region now takes place in situ, in context,
instead of changing the view to only the marked text.
- On some terminals Ctrl+Left / Ctrl+Right now work for PrevWord/NextWord.
- When in the middle of a word, PrevWord now jumps to the start of this
word (like Pico does) instead of to the start of the preceding word.
- Invalid byte sequences are properly displayed and not mistakenly found.
- Resizing the window does not exit from help viewer nor file browser.
- Improved arrangement of the shortcuts in the two help lines.
- Several small bug fixes in the syntax highlighting.
- System syntaxes can be improved upon with the 'extendsyntax' command.
- The ability to delete whole words with 'cutwordleft' and 'cutwordright'.
- The ability to save a file without prompting for its name ('savefile').
- The ability to search backward without having to toggle the direction.
- Whitespace display (M-P) does not require configuration to be useful.
- Undo/redo is enabled by default (M-U/M-E) and works nearly everywhere
-- just not yet for justifying and indenting/unindenting.
- The ability to color the title bar, the status bar and the help lines.
- The ability to run a linter or formatter (^T) on the current buffer.
- The ability to only write to named pipes with --noread.
- Determination of the applicable syntax through libmagic -- when the
file extension nor the first line give an answer.
- The option 'positionlog' for saving/restoring the cursor position.
- The ability to read and write vim-style lock files.
Visible changes since 2.0