update TODO and UPGRADE for nano 2.0, since we're now in a feature


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@ -326,8 +326,13 @@ CVS code -
- Mention that the nanorc file should not be in DOS or Mac
format. (DLR)
- Add various wording fixes. (Benno Schulenberg and DLR)
- Update for nano 2.0, since we're now in a feature freeze.
- Miscellaneous minor fixes. (DLR)
- Update for nano 2.0, since we're now in a feature freeze.
GNU nano 1.3.11 - 2006.03.30
- General:

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@ -1,13 +1,34 @@
TODO file (? means the feature may be implemented, but not definitely)
For version 1.4:
For the next version:
- Undo/Redo keys?
- Rebindable keys?
- FriBidi support?
- Port to DJGPP?
- Make matching bracket searches sophisticated enough to skip over
brackets inside comments?
- Allow indentation of marked text by spaces as well as tabs?
- Rewrite the nano FAQ in SGML.
- Allow conversion between different character sets. Maybe use glib's
iconv() if the system's iconv() is inadequate, since we already use
glib's vsnprintf() if the system lacks vsnprintf()?
- Properly preserve the cursor position when going from the "Read File"
or "Save File As" prompt to the file browser to the "Go To Directory"
prompt, and then canceling back to the "Read File" or "Save File As"
- Allow color syntaxes to apply to more than just color, so that we can
e.g. specify a different alternate spell checker depending on which
file type we have open.
- Allow text searches in the help browser.
Old requests:
For version 2.0:
- UTF-8 support. [DONE]
- Support for paragraph searches. [DONE]
- Support for justifying the entire file at once. [DONE]
- Support for filename searches in the file browser. [DONE]
- Undo/Redo keys?
- Rebindable keys?
- Keystroke to implement "Add next sequence as raw" like vi's ^V. [DONE]
- Spell check selected text only. [DONE]
- Make "To Line" (^W^T) and "Read from Command" (^R^X) reenter their
@ -15,9 +36,6 @@ For version 1.4:
(^R^X^X) (requires figuring out when to keep cursor position and when
not to). [DONE]
- Fix resetstatuspos global which we shouldn't have. [DONE]
- Rewrite the nano FAQ in SGML.
Old requests:
For version 1.2:
- Single line scroll up/down? [DONE]

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@ -1,6 +1,69 @@
GNU nano upgrading information
Visible changes since 1.2
* Editor Features
- Support for UTF-8.
- Moving to a specified line and column of a file, instead of just a
line (+LINE[,COLUMN]).
- Smart home key (-A).
- Creation of unique backup files in a specified directory (-C <dir>).
- Insertion of spaces instead of a tab when Tab is pressed (-E).
- The long option for -K is now --rebindkeypad.
- Regular expression searching can now be toggled when nano is built
with --enable-tiny, so -R now means something else (see below).
- Restricted mode that provides more security than -o (-R).
- Blanking of the statusbar after 1 keystroke instead of 25 (-U).
- Word searches can optionally skip over punctuation (-W).
- Workaround for Delete's acting like Backspace (-d).
- Many more options are supported in the nanorc.
- Improvements to color syntax highlighting support: case insensitive
matching, the ability to include color syntaxes in separate files,
the ability to specify background colors without foreground colors,
- Insertion of single-byte characters via Esc Esc <000-255>.
- Insertion of all characters via "Verbatim Input" mode.
- Workaround for the "NumLock glitch".
- Meta-W now repeats the last search. Wrapping is now toggled via
- Replacing and spell checking only selected text.
- Indenting all marked lines with one keystroke.
- Copying text into the cutbuffer without cutting it.
- Scrolling the text up and down single lines without moving the
- PageUp and PageDown work more smoothly when using -S.
- Scrolling the help text up and down single lines.
- Cutting all text from the current position to the end of the file
with one keystroke.
- Justifying the entire file with one keystroke.
- Justifying without removing spaces from the ends of lines.
- Unjustifying after justifying and immediately resizing.
- Going to the first or last line of the current paragraph.
- Going to the first or last line of the file without having to go to
the "Search" prompt.
- Searching for filenames in the file browser.
- Displaying spaces and tabs differently to make it easier to tell
them apart.
- Many more functions available at the statusbar prompt: moving to the
next or previous word, searching for matching brackets, "Verbatim
Input" mode, etc.
* File Handling
- Automatic adding of newlines to the ends of files without them can
now be disabled (-L).
- Converting from and to DOS/Mac file format is now toggled only at
the "Write File" prompt, via Meta-D and Meta-M, and the default file
format to save in is now set depending on what format the file was
originally in. -D now makes nano use bold text instead of reverse
video text, and Meta-D at the edit window now does a
word/line/character count. -O now makes the unused second line of
the screen part of the edit window, and Meta-O at the edit window
now toggles this behavior.
- Converting files that contain a mix of DOS and Mac format lines.
- Automatic switching on of -N with binary files has been removed, as
it causes problems with UTF-8 support.
Visible changes since 1.0
* Editor Features