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GNU nano upgrading information
Visible changes since 1.0
* Editor Features
- Complete Pico compatibility (--pico has been removed, and -p means
something else, see below).
- nanorc support (see nanorc.sample included in sources).
- Smooth scrolling (-S).
- Searching of matching brace/bracket/etc.
- Help for all editor features.
- Color syntax highlighting support.
- Quote string support, useful for mail agents, etc (-Q).
- Insertion of output of external commands.
- Optional enabling of XON and XOFF control characters (-p).
- Tons of bugfixes/enhancements for already existing features.
* File Handling
- Overwriting and appending or prepending to files.
- Writing marked text to separate files.
- Multiple file buffers (-F).
- Converting from and to DOS/Mac file format (-D/-M, -N to disable).
- Better control character handling.
- Creation of backup files (-B).
- Search/replace history (-H).
See the GNU nano manual for detailed information on each feature.