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@page libssh_linking The Linking HowTo
@section dynamic Dynamic Linking
On UNIX and Windows systems its the same, you need at least the libssh.h
header file and the libssh shared library.
@section static Static Linking
@warning <b>The libssh library is licensed under the LGPL! Make sure you
understand what this means to your codebase if you want to distribute
binaries and link statically against LGPL code!</b>
On UNIX systems linking against the static version of the library is the
same as linking against the shared library. Both have the same name. Some
build system require to use the full path to the static library.
To be able to compile the application you're developing you need to either pass
LIBSSH_STATIC as a define in the compiler command line or define it before you
include libssh.h. This is required cause the dynamic library needs to specify
the dllimport attribute.
#include <libssh/libssh.h>
If you're are statically linking with OpenSSL, read the "Linking your
application" section in the NOTES.[OS] in the OpenSSL source tree!