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# How to build from source
## Requirements
### Common requirements
In order to build libssh, you need to install several components:
- A C compiler
- [CMake]( >= 3.3.0
- [openssl]( >= 1.0.1
- [gcrypt]( >= 1.4
- [libz]( >= 1.2
- [cmocka]( >= 1.1.0
- [socket_wrapper]( >= 1.1.5
- [nss_wrapper]( >= 1.1.2
- [uid_wrapper]( >= 1.2.0
- [pam_wrapper]( >= 1.0.1
Note that these version numbers are version we know works correctly. If you
build and run libssh successfully with an older version, please let us know.
For Windows use vcpkg:
which you can use to install openssl and zlib. libssh itself is also part of
## Building
First, you need to configure the compilation, using CMake. Go inside the
`build` dir. Create it if it doesn't exist.
GNU/Linux, MacOS X, MSYS/MinGW:
2013-08-05 17:07:21 +04:00
On Windows you should choose a makefile gernerator with -G or use
cmake-gui.exe ..
To enable additional client tests against a local OpenSSH server, add the
compile option -DCLIENT_TESTING=ON. These tests require an OpenSSH
server package and some wrapper libraries (see optional requirements) to
be installed.
If you're interested in server testing, then a OpenSSH client should be
installed on the system and if possible also dropbear. Once that is done
enable server support with -DWITH_SERVER=ON and enable testing of it with
## Testing build
make test
### CMake standard options
Here is a list of the most interesting options provided out of the box by
- CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE: The type of build (can be Debug Release MinSizeRel
- CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX: The prefix to use when running make install (Default
to /usr/local on GNU/Linux and MacOS X)
- CMAKE_C_COMPILER: The path to the C compiler
- CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER: The path to the C++ compiler
### CMake options defined for libssh
Options are defined in the following files:
- DefineOptions.cmake
They can be changed with the -D option:
2011-09-24 00:54:33 +04:00
### Browsing/editing CMake options
In addition to passing options on the command line, you can browse and edit
CMake options using `cmakesetup` (Windows), `cmake-gui` or `ccmake` (GNU/Linux
and MacOS X).
- Go to the build dir
- On Windows: run `cmakesetup`
- On GNU/Linux and MacOS X: run `ccmake ..`
### Useful Windows options:
If you have installed OpenSSL or ZLIB in non standard directories, maybe you
want to set:
## Installing
If you want to install libssh after compilation run:
make install
## Running
2013-08-05 20:26:58 +04:00
The libssh binary can be found in the `build/src` directory.
2010-12-21 18:21:02 +03:00
You can use `build/examples/samplessh` which is a sample client to
test libssh on UNIX.
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